Benefits of tanning.

  • Vitamin D- May help boost immune system.

  • Treat skin disorders - Not a cure for skin disorders. 

  • May help with pain.

  • Makes you feel happy. Seasonal depression

  • Prep skin before sunny vacation.



November Special! 

8 single session tans $50

Must use by November 30th

Will not roll over into December!

Vacay Bundle $70

For those of you going on vacation!

Includes Maui SPF, Maui Vera After Sun Gel & 30 days of sunshine

Beach Bum Bundle $70 (ish)

For those who love sunshine!

30 days of sunshine $50 when you spend $20 in retail! Buy a tanning lotion or something!

Endless Vacation Bundle $70

For those of you who need a vacation!

Includes a 10-minute aqua massage, one single packet of tanning lotion & 30 days of sunshine!

Just Tanning

Monthly package $77

($70 plus 10% tanning tax)

Single Session $11

($10 plus 10% tanning tax)


15 min. max lay down bed

Take your pick between 2 different 15-minute beds! These beds both feature face bulbs.


20 min. max lay down bed

Enjoy a nice nap in our 20-minute bed!

12 min. max stand up bed

Laying down not for you? Or just need to even out your tans lines? The standup bed is just what you need!