Benefits of tanning

  • Can make us feel happier

  • Can make us feel more relaxed

  • Increases the body's levels of Vitamin D

  • Helps combat seasonal depression

  • Helps alleviate symptoms of PMS

  • Aids in setting our biological clock

  • Can help in preventing jetlag

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our beds

Our selection of tanning beds include:

1 standup (12 min max.) 

1 lay down bed (20 min max.)

2 lay down beds (15 min max.)


~Beach Bum~

Month of Sunshine $50

(When you spend $20 in retail!)

~Endless Vacation~

1–10 minute Aqua Massage

1- Single Packet of tanning lotion

Month of sunshine $70

~Tanning $77~

($70 + 10% tanning tax)

(Valid for a month)

~Single Sessions $11~

(Use at time of purchase)

We also have an array of hydrating tanning lotions, SPF products, and after sun care to keep your skin healthy and fresh.

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